What is Your Fit?

What is Your Fit?

During this weight loss journey, I have encountered people who will say “You look amazing… keep going”.  It is such a back handed compliment because it it implies that they think you are not yet an acceptable size in the eyes of society.  We, as a society have got to change the mindset that unless you are “thin” you are not healthy, or fit.  Being “thin” has absolutely nothing to do with being fit.

Because I was trapped in this idea that unless I was below a size 10 I was not healthy or fit enough, I spent years yo- yo dieting, trying to make my body be something it is just not meant to be.   In the past I may have been a smaller number on the scale, but I was certainly not healthy.   Starving yourself or eating practically nothing to maintain a lower weight is not healthy, yet there were periods in my life where that is exactly what I have done.   Subsequently, I would find myself being tired all the time and had vitamin deficiencies, because I was not getting the proper amount of nutrients.   Let’s keep it real…that way of living is not a sustainable for long periods of time since eventually, you will feel deprived or cheated, and ultimately go back to over eating and just not caring.   When I think about all of the ways that I use to punish my body, it’s so clear that I was never showing it the love and acceptance it needed to feel good and truly thrive.  Having curves and wearing a size 12 shoe should have been enough to let me know I was not meant to be a size 2….so why was I so determined to be something else?

When we learn to show ourselves more love and compassion, we can stop putting unrealistic pressure on ourselves of who we are and what we are supposed to look like to the rest of the world.  We can stop looking around and comparing ourselves to the person next to us.  We are individuals, each with our own bodies, of which no two are ever going to be the same…they are not supposed to be!

There is a beauty that only you possess and that is what makes us each so wonderfully unique.  Our focus should not be on a number on the scale, or the size of the dress, but on one’s overall health both physically and mentally, and good health can present itself in many shapes and sizes.

This is MY FIT…what is Yours?  Post a picture of yourself using the #thisismyfit! on social media and let’s get this conversation going about what fit and healthy really looks like!

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