Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum…Love it!

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum…Love it!

If you are not using a serum you will certainly want to add this one to your skincare regimen…not as a replacement to your moisturizer (as they provide a completely different service to your skin) but in addition too.

A serum is a high concentration of active ingredients made up of small molecules which penetrate the skin quickly and efficiently unlike a moisturizer where the main function is to provide a barrier for your skin to lock in moisture.  Serums contain the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients and anti-oxidants, without being watered down, resulting in smoother, brighter and all around more glowing skin.

Serums are typically used after you cleanse your skin and before you moisturize.  Since moisturizer creates the barrier that holds in all the good stuff you want to apply your serum first.   So, while moisturizer is important… serums are the real key to getting rid of and preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and are great for any skin type.


In general serums are quite expensive (because active ingredients are more expensive) but the good news is typically,  a one ounce jar can last for several months because a very little goes a really long way.  While many on market say they offer all kinds of things, not all of them perform as they say they will, so to spend a lot of money, with little to no results is extra frustrating.  I have tried numerous different types of serums over the years but I think I may have finally found my all time favorite…Vintner’s Daughter.


I was at the “Create Good” Pop up event hosted by Brit & Co in early October when I first heard about Vintner’s Daughter.  The discussion panel was made up of powerful women in the beauty industry and one of the women on the panel was April Gargiulo, the founder and owner of Vintner’s Daughter.

She talked about how she developed the product and her business.  I am obsessed with skin care and thought I knew of every product out there so I was surprised that I had never heard of this.   I was most intrigued by how she researched all of the ingredients in this serum to bring to the market something that addressed a myriad of skin care issues like fine lines and wrinkles, acne, elasticity, rosacea (which I struggle with) all while being toxin free and organic…but still providing overall general radiance.

While sitting in my chair I quickly googled it, saw the excellent reviews and thought I must try this!  I placed an online order directly from the source and anxiously waited for my serum to arrive.

The minute I opened the bottle I was in love with the smell and the way it felt on my face was luxurious.

This serum has 22 active ingredients that are combined perfectly to give your skin the nourishment that it needs. (check out the website for the full details)

I have been using it now for 6 months once a day before bed, and have seen a serious difference in my skin already.  The instructions recommend a method of pushing the product into clean skin instead of rubbing it in….so I have adapted this technique.



I have not been breaking out and my rosacea has not been acting up at all. In addition I have also seen the lightening of some dark spots I had from not leaving a pimple alone….the best part is people have been saying that I look radiant and glowing, when I am not wearing any makeup at all!

While this comes with the hefty price tag of most serums,  $185 for 30ml I have yet to replace the bottle (and like I said I have had it for 6 months) since 6-8 drops per use is all you need.  Honestly an investment in your skin is an important one, as we all want to look our best and age gracefully without having to get any “work” done.

I want to thank April for taking the time to develop such a wonderful product and I have become a client for life!

(All photos by Marie Lombardo)

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