Virtual Wellness Classes & Resources

Virtual Wellness Classes & Resources

While it has been really frustrating to stay in place in our homes one positive thing that has resulted is that fitness teachers and wellness professionals from all over the world have now become visible to people outside of their physical communities opening up a whole new door to find connection with others on your wellness journey. 

Movement and exercise are especially important right now, not just from a physical place, but from a place of mental health as well.  It is no secret that when you exercise you release serotonin which makes you feel uplifted and happy.  As someone who has battled depression over the course of my life, I’ve found that movement really helps to keep me in a positive mental space.

I’ve been really fortunate to have found a community of people (in Brooklyn & the NYC area) during my wellness journey who I feel connected with and I wanted to share them with you. They all now have virtual offerings so you too can feel the love from wherever you are located, each one offering many different types of healing modalities for free, donation based, or a small fee.   From Yoga, Pilates, HIT classes, Sound Bowl Mediation, Guided Meditation and Support Groups with a licensed therapist and numerous workshops, you are sure to find someone you connect with to help keep your mental and physical health intact during this stressful time.

Here’s the list…this is my tribe!

Yoga Studios

These studios have some of the most incredible teachers offering yoga, meditation, reiki and then some.  All of them are places that I normally physically practice and/or teach at. 

Sacred Brooklyn

The first studio I ever fell in love with.  Sacred is a yoga, movement and meditation studio with a simple concept; love your body and it will love you back. With an incredible group of teachers offering many different types of yoga and a strong sense of community, you’ll find an array of online class offerings with a diverse group of teachers. I love this studio so much so that I did my yoga teacher training with them.

Namastuy Healing Collective

Namastuy is a yoga, healing, and arts space aiming to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. A collective of unique and talented yoga instructors located in the heart of Bed Stuy Brooklyn, their objective is to be a place where everyone in the community can come together – free of judgement – to better the neighborhood starting from within.    Currently offering numerous online yoga, meditation, and sound bowl classes for small fee and or free classes weekly. I teach with them via Zoom Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.

Yes Studio

Located in Bushwick Yes stands Yoga Evolution Soul.  Their mission is mission is to provide a supportive space and practice for all people to discover and live out their best selves. The community at this studio is strong with many teachers currently offering online classes with everything from yoga, workshops, new moon circles, hypnosis and a worthy women’s group.

BK Yoga Club

A Body Positive Studio focusing on health and wellness for people of color located in Dumbo.  Currently they are offering numerous online yoga, HIT, pilates, meditation and weekly support groups with a licensed therapist.  Some classes are free or donation based and others are a small fee.

Pilates Instructors:

I’ve been practicing pilates for about 2 years now with Lia Bartha and have come to really love the practice, it will make you longer and stronger for sure. Lia has created a ball mat pilates workout called B The Method that she currently offers for free on IG TV several times a week.    Two of my other favorites for pilates are Helen Phelan who is body positive focuses on the relationship between the mental and the physical and Kelly Berry who incorporates lots of breath work into her core work sequences.

Sound Meditation

Lisa Hakim who is the owner of Namastuy is offering amazing sound bowl meditations regularly on IG and through the Namastuy app.

Intensati w/ Ashley Newsome

intenSati is a practice for your body, heart and mind. It’s an exhilarating workout that builds physical mental and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect and a strong healthy body are all results of this powerful and fun practice. intenSati combines high-energy total body training with powerful positive statements that you either think or speak. Ashley is offering this class Sunday mornings at 10:30am and you can head over to her website to sign up.

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