Tips for trimming the Tree & the house

Tips for trimming the Tree & the house

Don’t you just love the way the house feels when it’s decorated for the Holiday’s?  The smell of fresh greens and twinkly lights provide a festive mood all month long.  

Here’s some tips for trimming the tree and the house that will help keep everything looking fresh for the entire season.

Purchasing and Prepping

  • If you are buying a live tree check the inside to make sure there are not alot of brown or dry needles.  That is s sign that it won’t last long.
  • Trees like to drink alot in the first 48-72hrs so water frequently.
  • Keep your tree away from any major heat source so it doesn’t dry out quickly.
  • Before decorating let your tree settle into it’s home for at least 24-48hrs so the branches have time to drop a bit.
  • When putting on the lights work starting from the inside out.  This way the tree will be fully illuminated.

Trimming The Tree

  • Make your tree sculptural by incorporating tree pics that protrude  from the tree.  This year I used feathers to add some extra vavavoom. 
  • Faux flowers are also a nice addition to the tree.  Look for something sparkly that says holiday.  I found these magnolia ones at Michael’s a few years ago and they add an inexpensive touch of glamour.
  • Baby’s breath tucked into the tree adds a magical snow like effect.  Place in medium to large size clumps because as it dries it will shrink a bit.

Trimming the House

  • Be mindful that anything with berries can often be harmful to pets and children, juniper in particular is poisonous for pets.
  • If You are using fresh greens to decorate around the house be sure to keep them misted every once in a while so they do not dry out.
  • Drape garland of any sort over mirrors and add colorful ribbon and ornaments.
  • If you have a banister in your home pimp it out with all kinds of trimmings.  I especially love magnolia leaves for the holidays.
  • Dress up your chandelier to make it another statement piece in the room.   I love to put hanging votive candles on mine every year and trim it with pine and other festive decor to create a floating wreath.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to poinsettia’s. Skip the traditional red and go with pink, white, or soft green, or dappled.  
  • Create little holiday vignettes everywhere from side tables to the bathroom shelf so you have unexpected moments around the house.
  • Don’t overthink it…just have fun and let your creative juices flow.  It’s the Holidays so let it be extra sparkly, and over the top…that’s the beauty of the season!

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