This One’s for the Curls!

This One’s for the Curls!

2000 was the year of my “Hair Revolution” which meant cancelling my standing twice a week blow out appointments, and wearing my natural curls… but figuring out how to make them happy would prove difficult.   I had been catering my cut toward wearing my hair straight, and since I was blow drying it all the time my curl pattern was altered, so it never really looked great when I tried to wear it curly.  After a few cuts and no more blow drying my curls really began to bounce back but the shape of my hair was doing nothing for me….sound familiar?

Haven’t we all been to the “curly hair” salons…you know which ones they are… at each one I felt like I was getting the same cut as every other curly girl in NYC.   After looking through old photos it dawned on me, I had the same hairstyle for over a decade, which is exactly how long I had been seeing the same stylist.   After seeing my curls in pictures I knew they were not reaching their full potential,  I wanted more,  so I was left with no choice but to find someone new.   Changing my stylist would be like breaking up with a boyfriend of 12 years…ya know the one, he didn’t treat you badly, but wasn’t everything you needed… it had to be done, and you could never go back.


One morning while getting coffee in the neighborhood I noticed a new salon called HAIR & Co BKLYN, I saw they carried my favorite conditioner (which I will discuss in another post) and I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere else in BK, so I stopped in to grab some.  Shannon King, who is the owner of the salon greeted me and we talked for a bit… he seemed excited about the idea of getting his hands on my curls, and his work looked great… so decided if I was going to leave my current stylist for someone new, he would be a good choice.

I walked in to our first appointment with a picture of Beyonce on the cover of Elle magazine rocking a super cute curly style… I thought… I think my hair can do that.    Shannon explained to me that there were tricks involved in making it look that way for editorial,  but the goal…would be that look…tailored for me.  The result… a chic style that is more suited toward my personality, and I am beyond thrilled with my new look.  Hair & Co BKLYN has been helping me to have captivating curls for well over a year and they have never looked this great!



Shannon who is the son of hairstylists, has been cutting hair for over 25 years in addition to acting as a hair educator, in over 57 countries.  The “Co” stands for Collaboration, Community, Commitment and Confidence, and this is exhibited by the team of stylists he has assembled.  They all work to support and educate each other with the common goal for you to walk out of the salon feeling amazing, and looking your best. Whatever your hair type there is a stylist here for you,  which is something I have not found at other salons who cater to the blow out…and often don’t even have a diffuser in the salon to dry curly hair.  I asked Shannon why it is such a struggle to find someone to cut our curls…see his thoughts below.



“In beauty school cutting curls is not something that you are necessarily trained on right away.  The beauty industry as a whole does not cater to curly hair, it is designed more toward the blow out.  The focus is more on understanding basic shape and that is taught on a mannequin with straight hair”

“You have to approach cutting curls different every time, you can’t just pick it up and cut the same straight line every time and expect it to work out.   You can actually cut curls several different ways and still come up with the same result, unless you understand how to make it move and create space… it won’t happen.”

“A tip when cutting or handling curly hair is to lose the comb, you break up the formation and it can get frizzy.  Many curl patterns can handle an entire cut with just using your hands, and when applying product this should also be done by hand.”

If you live in NYC or anywhere close to Brooklyn, I highly suggest that you put Hair & Co on your beauty team.

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