Surviving Quarantine with your partner.

Surviving Quarantine with your partner.

When we said” I do”15 years ago nobody said anything about a 3-4 month quarantine!  Seriously though, it’s been quite an adjustment being indoors together 24hrs a day and I must admit the first week as a little rocky. But, Ron and I have gotten into a good groove these last few weeks so I wanted to share a few things that have helped make this time a little easier.

Make Space

It’s not easy to shift from going into the office to both of you working from home so try and distinguish some personal space for each of you.  While not everyone has an office or a large amount of space, take what you can and designate an area to each one of you.  If you would typically talk a few times during the day via phone calls then maintain that routine or maybe even have lunch together, but stick to your usual business hours.

Let go of the little things

Emotions may be running high but don’t take your stress out on your significant other.  Let the small things be just that and let them go.  In times of stress it is easy to get into an argument over things that are not really worth arguing over.  Talk things out before something small escalates.

Cook together

You’re probably cooking more meals than you ever have at home in quote some time.  Let cooking be something that the 2 of you share every evening and get creative with it.  Try making some new recipes and maybe even explore some new cuisine.  Sit together and figure out what you might like to eat for the week and prepare your shopping list so that you’ll have everything you need.   Cooking can be very relaxing if you let it so use it as a way for you both to unwind at the end of the day. 

Workout together

A great workout is a wonderful stress reliever so challenge and support each other to stay active during this time.   Go for a social distancing bike ride together or check out new online classes, there is so much available from yoga and pilates to HIT.  Pull together some books to use as weights and have fun creating your own routines.

Give praise

A little extra praise goes a long way   Say thank you and nice job when your partner does the laundry, dishes,  or anything that is helping to contribute to keeping the space you share together comfortable.

Be Kind

Small acts of kindness like making your partners favorite breakfast are extra meaningful these days.   If you’re the one doing the supermarket runs throw in a little something extra that you know your partner loves, maybe grab some flowers or order in from your partner’s favorite restaurant as a surprise.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Quarantine with your partner.”

  • How did you and your husband meet? Any advice for us single ladies dating over 40? I’ve done apps, had friends try matching me, but nothing…I know it will happen. I have faith and am the partner I want to attract. The problem I’m finding is the middle aged men I’m meeting are vibrating very low…any advice you and your husband can offer would be great! I always love to hear the make perspective too! I also just found you on Insta – you’re an inspiration. Keep up your great work!
    Allison in PA

    • Hi Allison- Thanks so much for following on IG and taking the time to read my blog. I actually met my husband back in 2000 when people actually went to bars and paid attention to each other not their phones…lol. Because cell phones were just coming out then. It really was a random Tuesday night and we started talking to each other. We exchanged numbers and that was it. I know it is hard to meet people these days especially now with the pandemic but I do believe that if you keep yourself open and approachable you will find your person. I’ve been told by male friends that the biggest mistake women make is being out with friends but not being approachable. Also you never know where you might find him…he may be at the grocery store so be ready! Good luck and stay well. xx M

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