Step off the scale and step into your life!

Step off the scale and step into your life!

One of the worst habits I’ve had to break during my fitness journey has been weighing myself ALL the time.

My entire life (especially during the times that I was intensely “dieting”) I would allow the number on the scale to determine my mood for the entire day, and ultimately my self-worth.

There were long stretches of time where I would weigh myself in the morning and at night…ok… let’s keep it real…I’d also do it during the day…like I was going to lose 2 or 3lbs over the course of 3, 6, or 10hrs.  Every time I stepped on the scale it was like spinning the “Wheel of Fortune” and I would anxiously wait to see if I had won the magical prize.  Even if the number was less than it had been a few hours before I knew inside that it wasn’t real weight loss.

If you have ever fallen into this trap, then you know that your body will be several different weights over the course of day depending on numerous things.  How much water did you drink?  Did you have a bowel movement?  Did you eat salty food or carbohydrates?  Actually, the scale is not that smart because it doesn’t know the answers to any of these questions…only you do, and each of these things as well as many other factors contribute to that magical number that flashes at you from between your feet.

It wasn’t until I stopped letting the scale determine my self -worth and instead focused on how my body felt, that the pounds naturally started to come off.  Wow what a concept…stop beating myself up and start giving myself the space to work on the important part…the inside…and it will be reflected on the outside.  So glad it only took my 46 years to figure that out!

Your fitness journey is not just about how much you weigh, but about your overall health.   Ask yourself…why am I weighing myself every day?  Am I so obsessed with the number on the scale that I am missing the point of my lifestyle change and the progress that I have made to be stronger, leaner, healthier?

If you are exercising regularly, eating foods that make you feel good, sleeping well, have more energy, feel more present in your day, and have an overall feeling of happiness than you are already well along the path to wellness, and the releasing of the pounds will certainly follow suit.  We don’t put on extra weight overnight, so we can’t expect that it will come overnight either.

Remember, as you become more physically fit your body composition changes. Sometimes it can feel like you are working out all the time and eating healthy, but not losing any weight.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you become stronger the number on the scale may not shift to much and you may even see it go up a bit.  I myself have been struggling with being at a plateau for the last 3 months.    For a while I was feeling very discouraged because I have been working out 6 days a week and have added pilates and bar classes to my fitness routine 4 of those days. That number on the scale has not changed at all, but what has changed is my body mass.   Because I am building muscle and becoming more lean the shape of my body has changed and I can see significant progress.

Instead of weighing myself like a mad woman, I have taken to the measurements approach.  I measure myself once a month to check in and see how I am doing and only get on the scale once very 2 weeks as to not disturb my groove.  I am no longer obsessed with what the number on scale says because I realize that my good health lies much deeper than that.

In the end do what makes you feel the best…but remember it is about the journey, and an overall change of attitude and sustainable lifestyle for lasting results and better health for years to come. Don’t get caught up in what society thinks” looks” healthy, only you know what your fit is.   Focus on how you feel instead of how much you weigh.  Be present in this, take it all in and learn about yourself.  Most importantly show yourself the same compassion and kindness that you would to someone you deeply love….YOU!

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