Rock Your Curls!…A Video for Curly Hair Styling Tips & Tricks

Rock Your Curls!…A Video for Curly Hair Styling Tips & Tricks

Managing curly hair can seem daunting,  trust me I know…but I hope you find this video helpful on your journey to embrace and rock your curls!


Here are the links to the products that I swear by.  Since nobody knows your hair like you and every hair type is different, take a look to see which items from these lines will work best for you.    Some of you may feel that these products are expensive…I did at first too…but you have to keep in mind that you don’t need to use a ton of product for great results, so instead of buying cheaper products more often, you may spend a little more initially, but less overall….

A Shampoo can last up to 7 months because curls only like to be washed once a week.

The Deep Conditioning mask can last up to a year because you also only use it once a week and a very small                amount does the trick.

The every day conditioner lasts about 3 months…again a little goes a long way


Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Ultimate Remdey from Shu Umera,


Styling Products:  Curlisto from Christo Fifth Avenue

Structura Lotion and Control Gel I

These are more moderately priced and are large containers, but are used daily,  so these products are purchased  3 times a year.


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