Re-inspire Your Living Space

Re-inspire Your Living Space

As someone who has worked in the interior design industry for over 25 years, I am a firm believer that your living space has a direct impact on how it is that you mentally feel. Especially with everything that is happening right now a little refresh can go a long way in helping to lift your spirits and make you feel more inspired. Here are a few things you can do right now to change up your home environment with what you already have existing in your home.


Do a MAJOR purge. Go through every closet, under the bed and even the kitchen cabinets and remove anything that you are not using and you know you never will again. If you have a ton of books that you are not going to read again box them up and put them out on the stoop for people to take, or drop them at a local library. If you have clothes that you are never going to wear again drop them off at a local drop box or church. Whatever you are not using let it go. When the space around you feels heavy and cluttered your life will feel heavy and cluttered. You may even find some hidden treasures you forgot you had.

Deep Spring Cleaning

Do a good deep clean. Clean the windows, mops or steam the hardwood floors. Dust every inch of the place. Vacuum even under the bed. A good cleaning helps to make everything feel lighter and then you are ready to move into the fun stuff.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Throw on a fresh coat of paint. If you have leftover paint stored somewhere break it out give it a good shake or stir and put a fresh coat on the walls. If you are up for a trip to home depot or maybe change the color of the space but plan the color to coordinate around what you already have so that you won;t need to buy a bunch of new stuff.

Rearrange the furniture

Break out the tape measure and start looking at the room with a fresh pair of eyes. Could the sofa fit into another area of the room and maybe create more space? if you are working in your bedroom can you move the bed so that the headboard wall is in another location. Draw up a small floor plan and see how the new placement of furniture might change the flow of the space. Once you have measured for the new arrangement go ahead and move things around. Step back and take a look…see how the space feels.


Plant add fresh oxygen and life to any space. If you don’t think you have enough floor space for a new plant baby consider a hanging plant. Hanging plants can add major drama to any room and can also make your ceilings look higher. Many local plant shops are still open and supporting our local businesses right now is super important, so if you are up for some fresh green stop by your favorite local shop.


Drapery is a focal point of any room and fabric can help to make a space feel chic. Whether you choose to do an airy sheer or a heavier velvet go with something that can work with what you already have in the space. Maybe add a print if you want to liven it up a bit or a texture if you want to add a little luxe without too much of a statement. Considering hanging the drapery as close to the ceiling line as possible to create more height in the room and little extra drama.

Move your art around

If you have put on a fresh coat of paint, and rearranged the furniture now is the perfect time to move your art around. Take a look at the space and see can you move things from one wall to another? Maybe you found some treasures in the closet when you did you purge and now you have space to hang them. Just moving a piece of artwork from one wall to another can change the entire way a space feels.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are one of the most inexpensive ways to add color and life to a space. Either try switching your pillows up from one room to another or maybe go online and find yourself some new pillow covers from West Elm or Pottery Barn that make you feel good. This is a perfect place to have fun with pattern and color.


Start cleaning out your camera, phone or computer of all of the photos you have saved. If you don’t already have one create a picture wall in the space where you can have your favorites there to look at every day. You can easily and inexpensively print your pictures out on Shutterfly and even have them framed if you don’t have frames. You can also order frames from Michael’s, West Elm, Pottery Barn and so many other places. You can Think about ordering different size prints and frames to mix it up and create a wall that reminds you of beautiful memories and the ones you love.

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