Personalized stationary

Personalized stationary

Call me “old school” but there is something about a hand- written note that always makes me smile, probably because we live in a world where text and email have become acceptable for everything! Whether it’s a thank you note, birthday card, or just a simple thinking about you, knowing that the person who sent it took the time and energy to do so always makes me feel special…and don’t you just love opening the mailbox to find something other than bills or junk mail? Below are a few ideas for making beautiful cards quickly and easily with stamping.

You can check everything you need off your list with a quick trip to paper source, or a any craft store.  Start at the paper bar by selecting some card stock and envelopes.  With so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from don’t feel like you have to do just white and square.  Think outside the box and get some card stock and envelopes in a few different colors that could all work together so you can switch things up by mixing and matching as you like.

Once you have chosen the colors of your card stock and envelopes move over to the ink section and think about which inks would look best with them.  Choose your ink colors wisely by using the ink station they have on site to test the colors of the inks on the color of the papers you have chosen.  If you are using dark paper then you will want to do your stamping in white, silver, or something that will pop off the page.

Next choose your stamps. Choose a few stamps to have on hand with a phrase like a “Happy Birthday” for when you need a quick birthday card and don’t have time to get to the store, or “Congratulations” which can be used for any life event.  Pick up your initials for personalized stationary and include some stamps that you can use to add texture, interest, and personalization to your cards as well like little dots or your favorite pet.

Stamping itself is pretty easy.  Just make sure roll the stamp on all sides to be sure it is coated in ink and press firmly onto the card or envelope and remove. If you want to get extra fancy with it you can get yourself an embossing tool and embossing powders.  I bought this embossing set and it has changed my card game for sure.  You can watch a quick video here on how to heat emboss.  It’s super easy and takes your cards to the next level.

A few other things you will need are a scrubbing pad and cleaner to clean your stamps after you are done using or if you want to change colors in between uses, some gel pens in colors that would work with your palette so that when you write your note it coordinates with the scheme, and a box to keep everything in.  Once you make the initial investment you will actually save so much time and money on cards in the future.

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