New Decade…New Vision! Vision Board Party 2020

New Decade…New Vision! Vision Board Party 2020

What do you want to invite into the next decade? Travel, love, money, relaxation, a new job? Whatever you would like to see enter your life chances are that if you begin to hone in on it and start manifest it it will appear.

Vision Boarding is the perfect way to take your desires out of you head and onto the page putting your dreams out into the universe…and letting the universe respond.

If you’re hosting your first vision board party make it as small or big as you like but be mindful that it can take several hours to create the boards so allow enough time for your guests to be in your space so that they have the opportunity to finish.

Maybe start your evening with a short guided mediation and intention setting to set the tone for evening and get the juices flowing before the wine starts flowing.

To cut down on costs make it a pot luck and ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine. Then you can focus on providing the items needed for your guests to create their boards.

What do you need?

Boards: I like to get these foam core boards which I order from Amazon because they are sturdy and will hold up over the course of the year.

Scissors, glue sticks, magazines, stickers if you like, craft paper or anything that you think someone may like to be creative. Invite your guests to bring whatever they might like as well.

Magazines can be especially hard to come by these days, and gathering enough with different interests can also be expensive, so do a magazine drive. Reach out to friends and family asking for any magazines they may be ready to part with. Grab whatever you can from the office, and maybe even ask you doctors office if they have anything they can part with. You want to try and have everything from travel and cooking to fitness and fashion.

Here’s a list of things you can include in your invite to the party so your guests can be fully prepared and ready to have a fabulous evening of sharing and creating.

1. Start thinking now about what you would like to invite into your life this year so that when you get work you have some goals set.

2.  Add some personal items or photos to your board.

3.  Ask everyone to bring magazines of all kinds, the more options the better.

4.  Take your time as you tear things out of the magazines that truly speak to you and your intentions.

5.  Don’t paste everything down right away.  Cut out what you like and play around with it on the board for a while.   Once you have a layout you like, then start pasting to your board.

6.  Leave a little space for new intentions that may come up during the year, so you have a place to add those.

7.  Be sure to share your intentions with others while you are creating.  Verbally saying your desires helps to put them out into the universe, and you never know, the people you share them with just may be in a position to help you achieve your goals.

8. Be open to all possibilities.

9. Be and intentional with your desires… know that the when you speak to the universe it will speak back.

10. Have fun, connect, create, laugh, eat, enjoy!

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