My Favorite Fitness Gear for Women wtih Curves

My Favorite Fitness Gear for Women wtih Curves

Don’t we all want to look and feel great even while working out?  Finding fitness gear for curvy women that looks cute and performs well isn’t all that easy. Waistbands that stay put or bras that keep the girls supported during high impact cardio are especially hard to find when you’re a 36F.  Well…I’ve got you covered.  During my wellness journey over the last 2 years I have tested out a lot of different brands starting from when I was a size 26W to now at 12/14 and i’m breaking down my favorite workout gear for curvier bodies which I hope will help you to feel great while you get your sweat on!  If you have any brands that you thinks us curvy girls should know about please share in the comments so we can all check them out!


Let’s start with the “Girls”!

There are 2  bras that I am madly in love that provide excellent support for larger chested women when doing high impact activities like running, tennis, dance classes, IntenSati, or anything that involves jumping jacks or burpees.

The Shift Underiwre Bra from Berlie has been a game changer for me.  It provides excellent full coverage and tons of support with an underwire.  Typically, underwire when working is not my thing, but this bra is super comfortable and does not chafe at all.  The cut of this bra comes fully around the side of your breast so that all of it is covered and supported with little to no bounce no matter what activity you are doing.  It comes in a large size range form 30D-46E and several really cute patterns and colors, or just plain black, white or nude.  The price point is fair at $55 and you can usually catch them on sale for even less.



For high support with no underwire I really like the Enlite Bra from Lululemon. While I don’t wear a ton of Lulu clothes for workouts I do support this bra…no pun intended…as it is really hard to find a high support sports bra without an underwire.  This bra does not give a uni boob, keeps the girls fully supported and wicks away sweat quickly and easily.  Sizing goes up to 40DD and the color range is typical Lulu…soft natural colors…nothing too bright.  The criss-crossing on the back is pretty if you are wearing something where you can see it, and this bra is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it.  Like everything they carry it is a little pricey at $98 but well worth the investment.  I have washed it tons of times and it has not lost the shape or support.

Enlite Bra


For medium to low impact activities like Yoga, spinning or Barre I am obsessed with the Venus Crop from Outdoor Voices. The cut and the fabric are awesome.  This bra provides good support with a lower length that stays put while you move. It also comes has the most coverage on the breast than any of the other bras they offer.   It has good compression with a snug fit but does not give a uni-boob look at all.  The color combinations are fun and interesting and can easily be combined with any of their leggings which I also love and will discuss later.  Sizing is from XS-XL.  I wear a 36F and take this bra in a Large.  The price point on this one is fair at $55.  I love this one so much I have it in 5 colors.


Venus Crop


Let’s talk to the leggings…

Who doesn’t like a pretty pair of leggings but the fit is just as important as the look.  Do they have a high waistband? Does that waistband stay put and not roll down every time I move? Do they have enough compression? Are the breathable?  Can I wash them all the time and they hold up? The answer to all of these questions for each pair of leggings below is YES!


Alloy Ombre Leggings

I love anything sparkly so these Alloy Ombre High Waisted Midi Leggings  from Beyond Yoga are my favorite for yoga and pilates.   The fabric is super breathable, with just enough compression and a very high wide waistband that stays put even in downward dog. Beyond Yoga has and extended size shop which goes up to 3x.  I wear a size 14/16 misses in pants and have a lot of hips, so I ordered them in both L and XL and ending up keeping the large.  They do have a matching bra- top but it offered no support whatsoever if you are larger chested.  If you are smaller chested it may work but I ended up pairing my leggings with navy blue and grey top I already had.  At $89 these fall into the usual cost of  a good pair of leggings and they are actually alot cheaper than some I have seen from other brands that were well over $100…it’s lot of look for the buck!

Tech Sweat 7/8 Flex Legging

I came across Outdoor Voices last February when I was heading to Costa Rica for a Yoga retreat and was looking for a legging that would keep me cool while practicing in a hot and humid climate. At first, I thought I would never be able to get all this ass into any of these tiny outfits but when I started to try things on I quickly realized this brand was aware of all body types.  I ended up buying a pair of the Tech Sweat 7/8 Flex leggings because when I put them on it was like wearing nothing at all…they seriously feel like a second skin.  These leggings have no compression (so if you like high compression these are not for you) but they somehow seem to still look great.  I took my first pair on my trip with me and fell in love.  I currently own 3 pairs of these leggings and find them perfect for hot yoga or any activity where you are really going to sweat.  The fabric seriously wicks away moisture and keeps you dry, and the waistband stays put no matter what you do.  They also just launched a newer version which has a pocket in the back for your phone…love that.  I take a size L in these as the fabric is pretty stretchy. At $75 the price point is on line with a quality pair of leggings that will definitely go the extra mile.


Sprigs Legging

I find it difficult to be able to buy workout sets from many stores because the bottoms will fit but the bra top offers no support. Fortunately, the Sprigs leggings, also from Outdoor Voices are able to be paired with my favorite Venus Crop (which I talked about above) so I can have a matching set.  I love the fabric of these leggings they feel soft but also have great compression without making you feel like a sausage… and they make your ass look amazing!  The color combinations are super chic and easily go from workout to coffee as they handle sweat really well.  I like these for outdoor activities, cardio classes and non- heated yoga…I find the fabric a little warm for hot yoga though.  They have a nice wide waistband that sits just above the belly button and stays put.  In these I take an XL…the compression makes a L feel a little too snug. At $85 again these are in the ballpark of what you will pay for a performance legging.


For all around activities the Salutation Stash Pocket tight from Athleta is my go to for a solid color legging that has breathable fabric that moves with you. Medium compression helps to keep everything looking tight, and the long pockets down the side of each leg make them perfect for the person who is on the go with little stuff to carry with you and they also come in handy for tennis.  These have a very high wide waistband which is always important to me and the fabric feels delicious.  You won’t find any patterns in this style but you will find great colors and solid performance. You can wash them a million times without the fabric breaking down at all.  I size down in these and take a M since the fabrics is pretty forgiving, and you can also find extended sizing on their website going up to a 2x.  This was the first legging I ever bought at the beginning of my wellness journey when I was a size 26w I wore these in the 2x. Price point is on par with everyone else at $89.

Salutation Stash Pocket









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