My 3 Favorite Products from Carols Daughter

My 3 Favorite Products from Carols Daughter

All natural hair care created by a woman… and born in Brooklyn… what’s not to love?    Made without sulfates, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colors, if you’ve got curls you’re definitely going to want these products from  Carols Daughter in your hair care arsenal!

Let’s start with their newest product first… The “Cactus Rose Water” Volume Spray

Curly hair doesn’t always mean thick voluminous hair.  My hair is fine and only seems to gain volume when it’s humid, and that frizzy kind of volume is not really the look that anyone is going for, am I right?  The new “Cactus Rosewater” Volume Spray helps to add lift and volume from the root of the hair.   It’s made with Cactus Flower Extract, Rose Water & Biotin so you can imagine how good this smells!  When my hair is wet I spray a little at the roots and then proceed with my usual styling products and routine.  Once dry,  your hair is immediately fuller, looks thicker, and has so much more volume you can actually feel it.  The best part is you won’t spend all day flipping your head upside down, shaking up your roots to create some lift, and the volume will take you through the entire day without leaving behind a sticky film.  If you’re looking for the appearance of fuller looking hair this product is definitely for you.

Next Up…The “Black Vanilla” Leave In Conditioner

Not all curls are equal, and even within one head we can have many different textures.  For fine hair finding a leave in conditioner can be difficult since many products marketed toward curls are heavy in oils which end up weighing the hair down.  Back in February before heading to Costa Rica for a Yoga retreat, I picked up a travel size of the “Black Vanilla” leave in conditioner and figured I would give it a try.   Aloe, Pro Vitamin B and Wheat Protein are the 3 ingredients that make up this wonderful leave in.   I was impressed with the weightless moisture this product provided, and the smell is absolutely divine. My curls were well moisturized, but still light and bouncy.   I typically use it on wet hair before styling, but if you have thicker curls it can also be used in combination with the hair milk refresher.   You will see a noticeable difference in the sheen of your curls without it looking like you are using a lot of product.   This has replaced my more expensive leave in, allowing a few extra dollars in my wallet for other new beauty finds.


The “Hair Milk Refresher Spray” should really be called The Game Changer!

Curls can be so fussy, and when you sleep on them all night they rarely look as good the next morning…. some parts want to be straight, others flat and others frizzy.  In order for them to look their best styling every day has always been the answer, but that can add 1/2hr or so to the morning routine.  For years I have been looking for a curl refreshing product to help me revive my curls in the morning.  Nothing every really brought them back to life, and all left behind a sticky residue and crunchy curls… and nobody likes crunchy curls.

The “Hair Milk” refresher spray has changed my morning routine.  Three simple ingredients Agave, Sweet Almond and Wheat protein, help to re-moisturize, re-define, and renew curls,  making your style fresh without having to start from scratch.   Lightly mist your hair and give your curls a scrunch…always squeeze from the bottom up.  Either air dry or use you’re diffuser  (on low air setting) and in a few minutes the product dries leaving your curls refreshed and looking like new.  The best part is there is no sticky residue and it doesn’t weigh your hair down.  A product that can cut time off my morning routine and make my curls happy…that is a serious  game changer.


Note:  All photos in post by Marie Lombardo

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