I have struggled with my weight my entire life…my mom was dragging me to Weight Watcher’s when I was 10. I have gained and lost large amounts of weight over the years but have never managed to keep it off for any longer than a few.

After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2016,  I decided to try a different approach to address my health and not just my weight.  One that didn’t focus on every little calorie or bite of food that I was putting in my mouth, but on my inner self and why it was that I kept repeating this cycle.  I let go of the idea that I had to punish myself in the gym and decided to take a gentler approach.  That approach was Hot Vinyasa Yoga…and it has changed my life!  I was of the mindset that Yoga was for skinny bitches in Lululemon, and that I could never lose weight or be fit by practicing yoga…I could NOT have been more wrong!  As I did the work on my inner self, it started to show on my outer self…which is something I had never done all those other times I was dieting, exercising or just plain starving myself to be thin.

Early in February, as I was starting to see weight loss results,  I mentioned to a someone that I  was practicing yoga and had “lost” 25lbs . She congratulated me and said, “I want you to re-phrase that and say you have “RELEASED” 25lbs, because when you lose something you can find it again… but when you “RELEASE” something you really let it go”.  It wasn’t until a few months later that I realized how profound that statement was!  While I have released 80lbs,  I have also realized that yoga is not about weight  loss, it is about the modification of the mind stuff  and a path to self-love and acceptance. Through the practice of yoga I feel lighter both physically and mentally, for the first time in my life.   It has helped me to changed my lifestyle, my relationship with food, and my relationship with myself and my body.  In short I have more love, compassion, respect, and appreciation for myself and an understanding that I am enough right here right now and you are too! 

As I continue my journey through THIS CURVY WORLD… I want to share with you all the things that bring me joy.  Fitness classes for our bodies and our minds, books to broaden our horizons, beauty and fashion for every shape size, age or color and recipes that nourish our minds, bodies and souls.   There are so many imaginative ways to approach wellness, so please leave comments or suggestions as well in this space, so that we can BE WELL together.

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