Living in abundance

Living in abundance

What does it mean to you live in abundance? When you think of abundance do you think a huge bank account or a feeling of contentment and security in the knowledge that you have all that you need and always will.  An “abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body and soul.  It signifies a contrast of feelings of lack, emptiness and dissatisfaction. When you ask for abundance you open the doors to what you need which can mean something different for everyone. 

When I was younger I think I operated from a place of fear that there wasn’t enough for everyone and therefore I needed to take what was mine and hold onto it tight.  As I grew in age, knowledge and a better understanding of the universe, I began to understand that there is indeed enough in the world for everyone and then some. The more I shared of myself the more of an abundant life I began living without evening thinking about it. I’ve been reading some articles lately on abundance, what it means, and if enough is ever really enough. I figured I would share a few things you can do right now to start living a more abundant life.

Let gratitude be your attitude. Always be thankful for what it is you already have.  When you live your life from a place of gratitude you undoubtedly attract abundance to you.  Just this one simple act can bring about the magic you seek.

Be clear on what abundance means to you.  What is it that you really need in your life to feel that you are living in abundance?  Is it more money, time, creative space, love, connection to others?

Start dreaming and dream big!  Challenge yourself to produce more ideas than what you could possibly need alone, so that you can be of value to others and share.  When you spread seeds of inspiration to others you begin to see the abundance come quickly and with incredible strength.

Believe it!  Believe that everything that you can possibly dream up for yourself is already yours.  Don’t let negative people or thoughts get in way of your belief that you can have it all.  Dream and put the energy into those dreams no matter what anyone else thinks.  What you put your energy into the most is what will be the most fruitful.

Change your way of thinking and come to the belief that you already live in a world of abundance without limitations.  So many people put financial security before love or living in full expression.  Moving through life from a place of fear that there is not enough in the world to go around. Let go of that line of thinking and don’t let fear drive you.  Live from a place of understanding that with creativity and the willingness to think outside the box you will begin to see the opportunities you have been missing all along. 

Attract it. Most simply put…it’s the law of attraction.  Be a good person continuously working on yourself , refining who you are.  Nuture your relationships with others. Be open, generous, kind and compassionate. Opportunities in life come to you when you are an attractive person, they will even seek you out. Freely give others recognition and praise, money, knowledge, ideas knowing that there is plenty to go around and what you give away will come back to you a thousand times over.

Never stop challenging yourself.  Even once you have achieved a goal keep striving for more.  It doesn’t mean that you are not living in gratitude for what you already have it just means that you will never become complacent.

Trust and let go.  When you begin to start trusting that everything you need will be provided to you, you can allow abundance to flow toward you. 

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