Let’s Talk Tilbury…Charlotte Tilbury that is…

Let’s Talk Tilbury…Charlotte Tilbury that is…

A few years ago, while taking a lap through the Bergdorf Goodman beauty level I discovered a then new makeup line called Charlotte Tilbury.   Apparently, Charlotte was the go to makeup artist for celebrities in London and had recently launched her brand… I was intrigued.  Makeup that doesn’t make your skin look like your wearing makeup. is always the goal, and this line delivers just that…a flawless finish that is your skin… but better!

Her concept of eye shadow quads only, that give you specific looks is brilliant, and helpful to those who shy away from shadow.. and the color combinations are wearable for all complexions.  Each palette has 3 regular shades and a shimmer color that adds a pop to your eyes.   With names like The Rock Chic, and the Vintage Vamp …I was feeling the vibe, and purchased the The Dolce Vida. The palette is the perfect mix of bronze and copper tones with a gold shimmer for accent.  This combination has become my go to look,  and even though I have been wearing it for a few years now I continue to get compliments on my eyes regularly.

I have since become a super fan of all things Charltotte Tilbury and have turned numerous girlfriends on to the brand …they are hooked too.  Below are a few items that I always keep on deck, and will help make you look your best whether you like a full face of makeup or next to nothing…I mean let’s face it, we could all use a little something to make us look like we have nothing on.

In picture L-R:   The Eye Shadow Quads are awesome and can be used all 4 colors together or individually as you like.  The one shown here is the Vintage Vamp, made up of  beautiful pink, light gold, and plum/purple shades.

The Light Wonder Foundation is a lightweight sheer foundation that helps to even out your skin tone but still lets your beautiful freckles or beauty marks shine through.




The Miracle Cream…This daytime moisturizer really is a “Miracle”.  It leaves your skin well hydrated and primed for any makeup.  When you apply it is suggested that you really push it into your skin using upward motion especially around your jawline and your cheek bones.  When you do this you will see instant face lifting results.  The Miracle Night cream is heavy so I only use it in the winter when I need extra hydration.


















My Favorite Thing…the Wonder Glow

This is a skin illuminating liquid that makes your complexion oh so perfect that you could stop here and leave the house with nothing else but moisturizer and this.  You will see an instant difference in  the glow of your skin the minute you put it on…I use it every day.

The New Beauty Light Wand is a gorgeous highlighter…a little dab on each cheek bone and you are radiant.

This Holiday Limited Edition palette is in heavy rotation for me now…you get 4 looks in one case and can easily go from day to night…love it!, and it is still available at major department stores.



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