July is Minority mental health awareness month

July is Minority mental health awareness month

Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender or identity.  Anyone can experience the challenges of Mental Illness regardless of their background.  Historically, communities of color experience unique and considerable challenges in accessing mental health services.  We need to work together to change this dynamic.

Unfortunately, mental health and wellness is not something frequently discussed in communities of color as there is a serious stigma surrounding the issue.  This stigma prevents many people from seeking the help they need so instead they stay silent and in some cases take their own lives.  Mental illness not only effects the person suffering with the disease but the lives of the friends and family who love them.  There is nothing shameful about owning your mental health.  Compassion, empathy, and understating is exactly what we need to help spread the cure.

BE WELL!  If you or someone you know is in need or if you want to get involved in the cause,  below you will find a few links to some mental health resources.


NAMI– (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NNED (National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health)



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