Facials…are they part of your self -care routine?

Facials…are they part of your self -care routine?


Facials are a great way to give your skin a deeper clean than you can at home, and they also help to keep your skin fresh so that your lotions and potions  really do their job, so  as part of my skin care regimen I like to get a facial is often as my budget will allow which is every quarter.

I learned about the  Joanna Vargas Salon over 10 years ago through a friend. I was telling her that I wanted to get rid of some sun damage I noticed… she told me she had a facial at her salon after reading about her in NY Magazine, and was very happy with the results.

I called and explained what I wanted to focus on, and booked a few light treatment sessions to specifically address the sun damage.  I immediately saw a major difference in my skin after the first appointment and went on to complete 4 more.  When I finished the 5 sessions the issue was gone and my skin looked incredible.   I thought hmmm… as much as I want to come for regular facials this is expensive ($250) and  feels like a bit of an indulgence… so for years I did not go back.

Then about 7 years ago,  I realized that if I wanted my skin to look it’s best, and avoid the needle or knife as I get older…then I needed to make an investment in my skin daily.   This meant making sure to always remove my makeup before bedtime, drink lots of water, moisturize… moisturize… moisturize…make an investment in products that really work, and at least one facial quarterly.

When I started to make this my routine, my complexion completely changed, and many of the issues I had dealt with in the past were gone.  I have addressed breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage you name it, and have finally gotten my skin to a place where people will compliment me on it when I am wearing no makeup at all….I have always wanted to be that girl 🙂

They offer several different types of facials, and each one begins with light dermabrasion, preparing your skin for all of the wonderful vitamins and nutrients it is about to receive.  I like to alternate between the Oxygen Purifying Facial for extra deep clean with an oxygen boosting serum and the Triple Crown for muscle lifting, tightening and reducing puffiness….you can literally see the difference half way through from one side of your face and the other.

Joanna also has her own organic skincare line which really delivers results, and smells incredible.  I like the idea of organic skincare…if you are eating organic food why would you not put organic products on your skin?   If you just can’t make it to the salon you can give yourself an at home facial, and keep your skin looking it’s best with daily use of these products.



There are 3 items in-particular that I must have in my vanity at all times. The Vitamin C Face Wash which helps to soothe and cleanse my skin without drying it out, the Miracle Bar…which is amazing…it helps to keep my skin clear, as I tend to break out easily, and finally the Exfoliating Mask… which is my absolute favorite!

I always thought that I had to scrub my skin silly with harsh grainy products to slough off dead skin, and since I have rosacea I would be left with an irritated red face for a few days to follow.   This mask will change your life…FOR REAL!  Instead of harsh abrasives It uses enzymes to exfoliate your skin.  It does have a little bit of texture, but it does not scratch or irritate the skin like other products.



The best part is you can use it 3 ways.

  1.  like a regular exfoliator, put it on give your face a soft polish and rinse it off.
  2.  If you sleep in it you will wake up the next morning to a refined complexion and baby soft skin.
  3.   You can use it as a spot treatment, just put it on your blemish and go to sleep…when you wake, I swear that pimple will be gone.

I love a product that offers me multi-purpose use, and really gets the job done… 1 little jar can last up to 6 months when used once weekly as recommended.

Keep in mind with any good skincare product a little goes a long way, so it may seem like you are spending more initially, but you will have the product for a long time.

The pic below is me right after my facial with no make up and no filters…not bad if I don’t say so myself!


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