Transform a Deli flower Bouquet into chic arrangements

Transform a Deli flower Bouquet into chic arrangements

Flowers are sure to make even the smallest of gatherings extra special.   Often they are seen as a luxury due to high prices when going to a flower shop,  so this expense can easily end up being cut from the budget.  Here’s how to take a $20 bouquet from the Deli and turn it into several small chic arrangements that will have your guests asking you who did your flowers?

  1. Choose a Bouquet with several different kinds of flowers that are medium to small in size.
  2. Think about the colors of in bouquet and what mood you are trying to evoke…brighter colors for a more festive affair and blushes or whites for a bridal or baby shower gathering.
  3. Pick up 2 small bunches of filler flowers, one should be whimsical in a color that will compliment the flowers in the bouquet… the other some kind of unusual green.
  4. Think outside the box for vessels to put the flowers in. As long as they have a small mouth so that the top is not too wide you can use anything… vintage drinking glasses, shot glasses, glass bottles (without the labels of course), bud vases…nothing has to match.
  5. You can Also add a detail to the vases, maybe a ribbon, piece of leather, or initials of the bride and groom.

Arranging the Flowers:

Take the Bouquet apart and look at the flowers as individual stems.  Which ones would look great together, and which ones could stand on their own?  You may want to do a few vases that are all the same type of flower, and then a few that are mixed.   Remember each grouping does not have to be an overflowing bouquet…it is about the whimsy of just a few beautiful flowers in each vase.  There is also something very  beautiful and organic about one flower that leans a little left or a little right standing alone in a bud vase.

Once you have put together your small groupings you are going to want to cut the stems.   In order to decide how long you want each flower to be, place the flower one stem at a time into the vase and take and seehow far you want it to be out of the vase and then decide where to cut it.  Always allow yourself a little leeway so don’t cut it to short the first time around….you can always go back and trim it down a little if you think its too high.

After you have placed a few stems into the vase take one or 2 of your filler flowers or green and place that in the vessel at a different height.  You are then going to repeat this concept for each vessel you have.  You should be able to get about 8-10  small arrangements out of 1 bouquet.


When you are done you can group them down the middle of the table, or place them around the house so that your guests will see them on your coffee table, side table, bookshelf etc…and don’t forget to put one in the bathroom….along with a beautifully scented candle that is already lit.


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