The House is Dressed for Christmas!

The House is Dressed for Christmas!

One of my favorite things to do when decorating for the holidays,  is going through all of the ornaments we have collected over the years and the new ones I have collected during our travels that year.  It always brings back great memories of Christmas’s past, so I don’t change the entire tree every year, instead I may change the accent color of ribbons or small details that I use in the rest of the décor around the house.  Michael’s Craft store is a great place to find beautiful ribbon and small accessories at reasonable prices…this year I went with deep cranberry and burnt orange.

I love lots of candles to set the mood, and I always use my chandelier as the center piece of the table, and the room since we have an open floor plan.  I layer it with the fresh greens, magnolia, eucalyptus, baby’s breath and berries til it feels full and lush like a giant wreath. Hanging tea lights make it dramatic and just plain lovely… so this year I went with mercury glass in gold for that extra holiday feel., and ordered these from Wholesale Flowers & Supplies.   Make sure to use metal wire not plastic for the hanging tea lights so that you don’t have any fire issues.


I found these birch candles holders at Home Goods, and the woodland creatures at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

These mercury mirror candle holders are from West Elm, and the candle Christmas Trees from Pottery Barn.

Using fresh greens and flowers is the perfect way to get in the Holiday spirit since the house will smell delicious.  I like to use baby’s breath in the tree, it helps to fill in any blank spaces or holes in the tree and looks like snow on the branches.  Make sure to make it abundant because it will shrink as it dries down, but will look great the entire time the tree is up.

Magnolia is also great because it lasts a long time and dries beautifully…the color will change slightly but nothing to worry about.



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