Honor Your Body

Honor Your Body

Last week I collaborated with Eileen Fisher, Taila Skincare and Bravissimo for our “Honor Your Body” event.  It was lovely to see so many incredible women taking the time to honor themselves by joining us for the evening. The most important thing I’ve learned during this journey is that honoring your body begins with the thoughts you feed yourself.

How many of us stand in front of the mirror and criticize ourselves? Saying things like my thighs are to thick, my hips are to wide,  my boobs are too small or too big.  How we feel about ourselves on the inside is often reflected on our outsides.  What if we looked in the mirror at with less judgement and more understanding that our bodies are unique to each one of us.  That we can control how we feel about them despite the outside pressures of society telling us what we, as women are supposed to look like.  I know for a fact that I am never going to look like Gigi Hadid, nor am I supposed too. Once I began to understand that my body is unique to me, and has been made just as it is supposed to be, I began to appreciate, love, nurture and honor it as my house…as my temple…and everything started to change. 

 Instead of feeding yourself negative food like my thighs are to thick, how about saying my thighs are strong, instead of my hips are too wide how about my hips are sexy,  What if when someone gives you a compliment instead of pointing out a perceived flaw, simply saying thank you… It’s TRUE! Don;t just Tell yourself you are beautiful…right here right now in your size, shape, color…but believe it! 

When we change the mental food we feed ourselves we begin to meet ourselves where we are at. Ask yourself,  I am showing up for myself doing what I can to feed myself nourishing food both mentally and physically? Am I getting the rest I need? Am I drinking lots of water or sometimes a margarita?…because wellness isn’t celery juice all the time.  Your body is the only one you have for this journey…treat it as such.

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