Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

When I started practicing Yoga 15 months ago, I noticed that “Gratitude” seemed to be one word that kept being repeated by each of my teachers, during every practice.   I have always thought of myself as a grateful person, but I don’t think I really understood how living your life from a place of gratitude EVERY day makes your life fuller.

It is so easy to get caught up in all of things that we don’t have, but when you stop for a few minutes each day to write down the things that you do (and they can be the smallest of things) you begin to bring a light to your life that feels joyful and free.

For over a year now I take a few minutes before bedtime to journal a few things that happened during my day that I feel grateful for.  Sometimes they are large things and sometimes they are small.  Just the other day as I was walking by a cafe the smell of fresh baked cookies took me over, so I decided I would treat myself to something.  When I walked in there was a couple in front of me conversing about what sweet treat to get…me being me…I chimed in and we quickly discussed all of the marvelous options.  I  settled on the triple nut, chocolate chunk cookie that had been calling my name…before I knew it the couple insisted on buying it for me.  I was grateful for the gesture of kindness and it was one of the best cookies I have ever eaten.

Keeping a gratitude journal is always comes in handy when I’m  having a bad day.  It feels good to look back at entries from days past, and quickly be reminded of how fortunate I am and the feelings I felt in those magical moments quickly come back to me.   Moments…like watching a perfect sunset…rich and full of color,  laughing til my sides hurt with my husband, a moment shared with a good girlfriend, that perfect latte early in the morning, or sealing the deal on a big order at work.

We all have numerous things to be grateful for everyday and it only takes a few minutes to write them down and acknowledge them… doing so will enrich your life greatly…trust me!



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