Get Motivated to get moving

Get Motivated to get moving

Is it just me or has it been difficult to stay moving this past year for you too?  When I look at the slow-down of the world I also see the slow-down of my body.  One of the things I use to enjoy the most about fitness was keeping it social and meeting my girls for yoga, pilates, bike rides,or long walks in the park, but all of that stopped in 2020 and I found myself feeling less motivated and less in tune with my body. 

With things starting to open up a bit again, I have spent the last 4 weeks really focusing on myself and re-connecting with my body.  It was hard at first not feeling as strong as I did the year prior but instead of beating myself,  I have been continuing to show up for myself, cheer myself on and subsequently have gotten back to a pretty regular routine.  It feels great to be back in the pilates and yoga studios sharing space with others, feeling stronger, more relaxed and more in touch with my body again. It reminds me how movement has a serious effect on your mind and spirit and how important it is to add to your daily routine in some capacity.

If you’ve been struggling to find some ways to get back into your fitness groove, here’s a few things to help get you back on track.


Before you hit the sheets on Sunday night,  make a plan for the ways you’ll move for the week and book your classes in advance.  If you know that you have say yoga on Mon, Wed and Friday and you have already paid you will certainly show up for the class.  It also helps to keep you on track for getting to bed early so you can be refreshed enough to move with ease.


If you are over the virtual workout now is the perfect time to take it outdoors.  Summer is finally here and there is no better time for a bike ride, hike, long walk, round of tennis or anything outdoors that gets you moving.


Make a date with your girls.  Maybe you can all chip in for a private instructor and meet up in someone’s backyard or at the park.  Or maybe you just meet for a walk or a bike ride. I always find that when I make a date with friends I will definitely show up.


If you drive to the office or even around town to do errands and have a bike, keep the car parked and hop on your bike or walk around town.  Not only will you not have to worry about parking, but you’ll get a little extra cardio into your day and a fresh perspective on your neighborhood.


If you’re concerned about heading back to the studio but really want to do in person classes join a pod.  Many studios are offering pods for at least 4 weeks where you move with the same people who have all been vaccinated for that entire month.  I recently joined a pod at a hot yoga studio and it has been a really great way to ease myself back into group fitness.


Be honest with yourself about where you are right now and how much time you can dedicate to your movement.  If you over promise yourself and under deliver it can feel frustrating or defeating.  If 2 or 3 days for 45 minutes at a time is what you can commit to right now that’s cool.  Just make sure you show up for yourself those days.


It’s easy to say “I’ll take the 6pm class” but by the time 6pm has arrived your day has totally gotten away from you or you are just plain tired.  If you need to get up an hour earlier to find movement in the morning, do it. You are much more likely to not only show up but have a more mindful and less stressed day if you take the time in the morning to move.


Try not to look at movement as punishment. Find classes or things that feel fun to do so that you will want to continue to do it.  Maybe it’s a dance class, tennis or game of basketball.  Whatever allows you to enjoy the movement…do that.  That is what will make it something long lasting.


When you’re done with your fitness for the day take a moment to break out your inner cheerleader and give yourself a round of applause.  Check in with not just your body, but your mind  and take notice of how good you feel in those moments after you have moved.

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