Finding Balance

Finding Balance

I’ve joked most of my life about how I was an “all or nothing” kind of person.  If I was eating I was eating, if I was drinking I was drinking, if I was smoking I was smoking.  Every couple of years  I would get fed up with my balls to the wall behavior and  make the decision that I was going to “change my life” and go to the other extreme.  I would work out obsessively, eat barely nothing, not drink at all, and basically be miserable, because that was the way I needed to live my life if I wanted to be healthy and fit.  Of course this “New Me” would last for as long as I could maintain it (maybe a year or two) until eventually, all of my old behaviors would become my regular routine again…sound like a familiar cycle?

Over the last 16 months I have put an emphasis on having better balance in my life…understanding what that is and how to achieve it.  When I began my mind body spirit journey in 2017 I had decided that I was going to figure out how to stop this cycle, and really change my lifestyle so that it would become how I organically lived, and not just a temporary fix.   I needed to find that place where eating well, exercising regularly and taking care of my health, would not leave me feeling deprived or cheated of a good time.  I started to reevaluate everything from the food I ate, to the way I worked out, to the people and the energy that I was allowing in my life.   This change would need to feel good deep down in my soul, because that was the only way that it would become permanent.

“Everything in Mindful Moderation”  has become my Mantra and it has completely changed the game.    I let go of obsessing over every little bite of food I put in my mouth, doing crazy diets, and punishing myself verbally and/or physically by doing workouts I really don’t like.  Instead I eat what I like but in moderation and mindfully, choosing delicious healthful foods that satisfy my taste buds, but also keep me fueled for long periods of time.   I keep myself active by taking classes that I truly enjoy with people who uplift and support my efforts and my journey and have let go of people in my life whose energy is not light.

I’ve come to realize that when my physical body is more balanced, so is my mind and spirit and that I don’t have to go to extremes to live a healthy and fit life…in fact a well -balanced life is what keeps you healthy and fit.  This journey is not always easy, but it continues to amaze me…  I am feeling grateful for the lessons I am learning along the way.

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