Photo: Madley Creative

I have always enjoyed expressing my personality through fashion, and love the feeling of taking on the day in a fabulous ensemble…but the options for curvy girls can feel very limiting.  I have dressed my curves at many different sizes from a 10 to a 24 and everywhere in between, so I understand what it means to want to BE STYLISH at any size. I also wear a size 12 shoe, so I have had to learn to be creative when searching for fantastic footwear…the struggle is REAL!

“You’ve got to ACCENTUATE the POSITIVE and ELIMINATE the NEGATIVE”…is the song that plays in my head on any shopping trip.  For me that means drawing attention to my smaller waist, while still appreciating my larger “ASSets”.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a high-end handbag and sneaker habit, and am always on the hunt for great pieces at reasonable prices. I do not subscribe to “rules” when it comes to fashion nor do I get too caught up in “the latest trend”.  I am continuously scouring the boutiques of NYC, department stores, discount clothing stores,  sample sales , websites you name it…in my never ending quest to find great pieces to have a love affair with. You would be surprised at all the places you can find great curvy style… so  let’s BE STYLISH together!

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