Eileen Fisher- Circular By Design- Renew Collection

Eileen Fisher- Circular By Design- Renew Collection

I have been shopping at Eileen Fisher for over 15 years… they are my go to for gorgeous, luxurious, effortlessly chic clothes made from organic cotton, linen, and sustainable fibers.  For a long time now they have had a recycling program where you could bring in any of your Eileen Fisher clothes and receive $5 for each item returned, so when I heard about the Circular by Design program and the “Renew” Collection I was really excited!

The Eileen Fisher “Renew Collection” consists of pieces that have either been gently worn, recycled and organically cleaned… or renewed, through techniques like over dying and mending.  These pieces are now available at prices starting at $15 for items like scarves, with most items such as shirts, dresses, and pants in the $35-$75 range.  From now through April, Eileen Fisher is hosting the “Circular Design” Pop-Up Shop, where you can shop one-of-a-kind, renewed, resewn, and felted items,  at the Soho Location (395 West Broadway).

This Beautifully Textured Sweater was $55/ Photos: Marie Lombardo

The Extra Good news is that they will be opening a new Eileen Fisher Store in Cobble Hill,  Brooklyn (Bergen btwn Smith & Court St.) late Spring.  Here, in addition to the standard collection you will be able to shop the Renew Collection all the time.  They will will also use this space to host all kinds of interesting workshops, while continuing to build community.  Don’t worry…if you don’t live in the city you can also shop the Renew collection on the website.

Not only does Eileen Fisher make timeless modern clothing using sensual fabrics, but they are a leader in sustainability and take social consciousness to another level.  They continue to uplift women through leadership programs, business grants and community partnerships.  I urge you to go to the website and check out  “Behind The Label” for more info on all the ways this company sets themselves apart, and supports women and the environment….it doesn’t get any more women supporting women that this!


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