Cucumber Shrimp Appetizer

Cucumber Shrimp Appetizer

Chilled cucumber used as a cracker is perfect for a refreshing summer appetizer or mid-afternoon snack.  Up your app game with this dish that takes only 10 minutes to make and tastes as good as it looks!


Makes 20 servings


1 large chilled cucumber cut into 1/4” thick pieces

1lb whipped cream cheese

1 ½ lb (20pcs) Cooked peeled medium shrimp

3 radishes sliced thin

1 bunch chives diced

1tsp sea salt

1tsp pepper

Parsley for garnish


To Make:

Mince the chives

In a bowl mix cream cheese, chives, salt and pepper

Slice the cucumber into ¼” thick pieces

Thinly slice the radishes

To Assemble:

Spread each cucumber slice evenly with the cream cheese mixture and lay a radish slice on top of each.  On top of the radish place 1 shrimp on each.  Sprinkle top with salt and pepper to taste and garnish each piece with 1 sprig of parsley.

Place on tray and serve immediately.

All photos on page:  Marie Lombardo

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