Create your perfect at home retreat

Create your perfect at home retreat

With many summer vacation plans being derailed, why not plan some weekend retreats right in your own home? A successful retreat requires planning so that you can really unwind and decompress without being distracted by your surroundings.  Below is a step by step plan to create your perfect at home retreat to recharge your body, mind and spirit.

Preparing for your retreat:

Two weeks before:

Set your dates and then make sure to let all your friends and family know that you will be on vacation during this time, so they don’t expect to hear from you and know not to call you either.

Begin to think about the theme of your retreat.  Do you simply want to relax and pamper yourself or do you want to do some deep inner work?  With your theme in mind start to make a list of anything you might need to order in advance to help create the vibe.  Maybe there is a book you want to read, essential oils or bath salts, face mask or body scrub…gather all your lotions an potions and don’t forget the candles.  If you plan on juicing during this time start to think about the veggies you may need and maybe even do some research on some new juice combinations to address anything that may be bothering your digestive system. Begin ordering whatever you may need during this time “away” to make sure it is received in time for your retreat.

Begin to create a schedule or timeline for each day of your retreat.  Think about how much you want to exercise, rest, play, and be reflective.  Start to do some research and download some guided meditations to have on hand or check in with your favorite yoga or fitness instructor to see what time they are offering classes during your retreat so you can add them to your schedule each day.

A week before:

Begin to create a menu of meals for the duration of your retreat, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks.  Whether you are planning a detox during this time or full course menus begin to draft up a grocery list of everything you may need and maybe forgo the alcohol if you can to really give yourself a chance to restore.   If your favorite restaurants are delivering then maybe some of your meals will be ordered in, so plan those in advance as well.

A few days before-:

Give the house a good clean so that the energy feels light and alive, and you will have no distractions of feelings like you need to take on a home project during your retreat.  Maybe even give it a good smudging to bring fresh energy into your space.  Do all of your laundry making sure your lounge clothes are ready and put a fresh pair of sheets on the bed.  Place your order from the market or make the trip yourself and get everything you need and then some, so you will not want for anything during your time away.

Once you have done the prep work you are ready for the retreat itself so turn off the television, the ringer on your phone and tuck your computer away so you are not tempted to scroll through social media. 

Below is a guideline for a 2 day retreat but take all the time that you need and make it longer if you like. Do your best to get up early each day so you have lots of time to rest and play.

Day One:

8am:  Start your day with a beautiful breakfast filled with fresh fruit and your favorite morning drink.

9am: Meditate if you have a mediation practice do your usual thing but if you have a harder time meditating than break that app you previously downloaded to assist you.

10am: Read- Open that book you have been wanting to read and indulge in uninterrupted reading time.

12pm: Make yourself some lunch and take the time to plate it beautifully.  Break out the china and real cloth napkins…make your meal an experience.

1pm: Get in touch with nature and get some exercise outdoors.  Head over to your nearest park and go for a walk or a bike ride.   if you live by the beach take a long stroll or if you are in the mountains take a hike.

3pm: Take a siesta before dinner, nothing like an afternoon catnap.

6pm: Make your self a gorgeous dinner.  Light some candles set your table and enjoy.

8pm: Draw yourself a nice bath filled with your favorite essential oils or bath salts and turn on some tunes if you like.

9pm: Hit the sheets early and get a good night’s rest.

Day Two:

8am: Start your day with a beautiful breakfast filled with fresh fruit and your favorite morning drink.

9am: Practice yoga with your favorite teacher online or whatever movement class you may enjoy.

10am: Shower or enjoy another bath and get yourself ready for some serious pampering.  Wash your hair and leave the conditioner in for a deep condition.

10:30am: Give yourself a facial.  Start with a face steam, then exfoliation, and apply a face mask… relax and read while it is working.  When you are ready for serum and moisturizer give yourself a face massage while applying.

12pm: Have lunch and don’t forget to set the table.

1pm: Spend some time journaling. Maybe you have already given yourself a few journal prompts, when you set up your retreat or maybe you just simply jot down whatever you may be feeling at the time.

3pm: Have a snack and relax or put some music on have a mid- afternoon dance party if you like.  Maybe lounge in the yard if you have one and take in some sun.

5:30pm: Have an early dinner and set the table.

7pm: Light some candles and do some meditative coloring. 

9pm: Hit the sheets and get some sleep.

Continue to add as many days as you like allowing time each day for rest, play, pampering and introspection.

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