Celebrating with Intensati

Celebrating with Intensati

This year for my Birthday I wanted to do something that would be representative of the year of personal growth that I have had, so I decided to invite my friends to join me for a class that has really changed my soul called IntenSati.  I knew some of them would give me a little resistance, as they had no idea what IntenSati was… but I lured them in with the promise of a boozy brunch to follow.

The first time I practiced IntenSati I thought I was just taking a cardio class, but I quickly realized it is so much more.  It’s a workout for your body and mind.  In addition to doing rhythmic high intensity cardio I was being asked to shout positive affirmations at myself out loud in a room full of other people doing the same thing. Things like I am STRONG, YES I CAN, or I am Enough Now filled the room and I immediately thought this is crazy… who does this?????!   Each time we repeated a sequence I let go more and more, and shouted the affirmations louder and louder…at the end of 60 minutes I felt Ah-mazing.  I decided I would try it again…and again…and again, now it has become a twice a week ritual for me and am grateful for the community I have become a part of because of it.

The endless chatter that can fill our heads can be all consuming at times, especially when that talk is filled with negative thoughts.  IntenSati helps to re- train your mind to create a new habit by  keeping the negative talk at bay so the conversations you have with yourself are more kind and positive.

Every time I leave a class I feel open, empowered, energized, hopeful, and grateful.  Never in my life have I talked to myself in such a positive way on such a regular basis, and I find myself taking the affirmations from the studio to the street, implementing them into my regular day.

Ashley Newsome, who leads the group at Sacred Brooklyn, will get you moving no matter how you feel when you walk into the room.  With her infectious smile and beautiful energy, you will be shouting the affirmations right along with her in no time flat.   You can truly feel the support of her and your fellow practitioners as we all come together to grow, celebrate life and lift each other up.  I highly recommend this class as part of your regular wellness practice.

Scared Brooklyn describes the class as follows below…I describe it as “Life Changing”!

“A practice for your body, heart and mind. IntenSati is an exhilarating workout that builds physical, mental, and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect, and a strong, healthy body are all results of this powerful and FUN practice. IntenSati combines high-energy, total-body training with powerful, positive statements that you either think or speak. You will learn to tap into the power of the present moment in order to embody –rather than just think or talk about – your BOLDEST, MOST EMPOWERED, BEST SELF. Wearing sneakers is suggested for this practice. ”


2 thoughts on “Celebrating with Intensati”

  • Margeuax, I am so grateful to you for introducing me to IntenSati. The combo of cardio with empowering affirmations was
    A-MAZING. Felt like I was back at church, feeling the spirit! Looking forward to our next class together.

  • I felt so good after taking this class, inspiration and positivity flooded my morning. While the ladies attended booze brunch I had a window to get some shit done, I was caring a spirit of greatness & creativity. Finally, I had a spark!! I immediately ran home pull out my art supplies and begin creating. I’ve struggle in the past year with fulfilling my passion, feeling like maybe I wasn’t good enough or maybe it was just a hobby but in my heart I knew different and wanted different. Was not expecting such a wave affect but this class literally felt good on the inside. Thanks Margeaux for sharing this experience with us.

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