Brand Crush-Athleta

Brand Crush-Athleta
Salutation Tight, Criss Cross Sweatshirt, Pura Tank- Photo: Madley Creative

I walked into my first yoga class in an old baggy T-shirt and black leggings as if nobody would see my size behind this uniform.  Actually, it was kind of crazy, considering that in every other aspect of my life I spent so much time and energy on how things looked.

I realized after one week that if I was going to commit to this,  I needed to find clothes to practice in that would make me feel good.  Also since I was moving in a new way, I wanted things that would stay in place and keep it all together, while I was in downward dog or doing chataranga.

I came across the Athleta store and decided to go in.  Of course, I was concerned that everything would be tiny like many of the fitness clothing stores I had been in, and there was no way I would be able to fit into any of it.  I also just knew that the sales girls were thinking “Why is she in here”?… my experience was the EXACT opposite.  Everyone was so helpful and friendly.  They quickly made recommendations and pulled options for me, while sharing what they liked to work out in and why.  I was able to order plus sizes online while in the store with free shipping…Oh, and if I worked out in it and didn’t like it,  I could bring it back…I was ALL in!

Over this year Athleta has become my go to for workout clothes.  The quality is amazing, the price point is affordable, and  the fabrics are super soft…and  do not stretch out.  The clothes wash extremely well, are cut for a real woman’s body…and the styles are on point!  I recently started wearing their “Street Tights” and other studio to street clothing and love everything.

Thank you Athleta, for keeping me looking cute and chic while navigating this Curvy World!



Outfit Provided by Athleta:  Stellar Tight, Long & Lean Shirt 2.0, Jacquard Elevation Pullover


This outfit (provided to me by Athleta) will take you from day to dinner…I will definitely be wearing it  a lot this Fall!

Photos: Madley Creative




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