I LOVE all things beauty and spend a lot of time searching for amazing products that really deliver.  I am a mixed chic,  black/white, with curly hair and a medium complexion, that tends to be sensitive…so can be aggravated easily.  I spent years looking for skincare to keep my face clear, foundation to match my skin tone, and a dermatologist who knew how to treat my skin.

Beating my curls into submission was a never ending battle, with 2 trips to the hair salon a week.  Any any ounce of humidity or sweat and they frizz right up… and they just had to be straight!  The hair dryer would be so hot that the smoke would fill the room… but, I was determined to have bouncing and behaving waves!  In 2000 I finally embraced my curls, they made me unique, and my hair looked so much better when I let it do what it wanted to do…with a little product of course.

I am continuously on the hunt for the best eye creams, moisturizers, serums you name it…anything to keep me from going under the needle or knife, and honestly… I just love a good lotion or potion!  Also, I can’t get enough of a mascara that makes your lashes luscious, perfect pop lip color, great contour or a fantastic smoky eye!

Every time I find new items that will enhance your GLOW I will share them with you, as well as the beauty items that I have been addicted to for years.  I encourage you to leave comments and make suggestions as well, as we continue the quest for the fountain of youth and glowing skin!

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