Backyard refresh

Backyard refresh

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good project and the refresh our our Brooklyn backyard was no exception. I’m excited to share the full video of the makeover and new space with you!

The 2 most important things I wanted to address with this backyard refresh were privacy and lounge space. Since the developer who renovated the house next store put a deck on that looks down into my yard, we lost a bit of privacy. And, while over the years I have acquired a few timeless outdoor furniture pieces I never had an outdoor sofa that was really comfortable.

Design Concept

To address the privacy issue we decided to plant bamboo in large containers to create a privacy screen. It also adds some softness and texture to that area of the yard, where previously it felt it a bit lackluster with all the greenery in the rest of the garden. A large outdoor sectional was important for serious lounging, but I still wanted to make sure it didn’t completely take over the yard and if we needed to move it around that would be an option. Also, I needed something that would work the existing furniture. After lots of searching I found exactly what I was looking for at West Elm.

Painting the fence was a must to elevate the space and choosing a dark gray really helped to make the yard look larger and the green of the plants really pop. A good primer and exterior house paint is all you need to get great lasting results. The rest of the design was based around reusing the existing dining table, chairs, entertaining hutch and wicker lounge chairs. The addition of more flowering plants, a new coffee table, outdoor rug (to ground the space), some small potted plants and accessories help to create a layered look. Lots of pillows also help to pull in different patterns, additional texture and create a luxe vibe. A sculptural fire pit is a conversation piece, and the small side tables have slightly different shaped bases to create interest.

Most of the budget was spent on the outdoor sofa and plants, while the rest of the accessories I found on Overstock, Crate & Barrel and a few trips to HomeSense, as well as some of my favorite smaller local Brooklyn shops.

Below is a list of where all the pieces are from. Some are that rare score at HomSense and others are available through the retailer.

Abott outdoor side table & hutch, Calistoga outdoor dining table, umbrella-Pottery Barn

Metal cafe chairs- Restoration Hardware

Postema Modern Handcrafted Hammered Aluminum Drum Coffee Table –

Ullio Outdoor rug, Kent metal lanterns- Crate & Barrel

Pillows, side tables – HomeSense, Botanical Life-(384 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216)

Fire pit- Lido

Bamboo & Plants- Chelsea Garden Center

Flower pots-Stonefruit Botanical

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