A Chobani Favorite

A Chobani Favorite

When I decided to change my lifestyle finding yummy things that I really enjoyed as a treat became a priority!…I mean if I wasn’t going to eat a pint of ice cream I had to have something that still felt decadent and satisfying.

I stumbled across a yogurt concoction at the Chobani store¬† in Soho that I fell in love with… I must have gone there 2 times a week since the New Year.¬† I finally got it together and bought the ingredients t make it myself, but if you do stop by the Soho location, be sure to let Michael know that I sent you…he will make it extra special!


1 cup Chobani (or any ) Non Fat Plain Organic Yogurt

2 Tablespoons of Organic Honey in the Raw

Half of an Orange cut up into cubes

Small Handful of Pistachios

Small Handful of Organic Dark Chocolate broken into pieces or chips

Layer all the ingredients with yogurt at the bottom and drizzle the honey on top and throughout.

This will for real change your thoughts on a “yummy treat”!





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